Kanye West Says Universal Released 'Donda' Without His Approval, Blocked "Jail Pt 2" (UPDATE)

On Sunday, several hours after the release of Kanye West’s 10th solo record Donda, the musical giant took to Instagram to update fans on the release process.

Kanye donda

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Kanye donda

UPDATED 8/30, 10:06 a.m. ET: While reps for Universal still haven’t made a public comment regarding Kanye West’s claim that Donda was released without his approval, a report from Variety includes a denial from alleged UMG sources.

Per the report, sources called the claims—which also saw West alleging that there was an attempt at blocking the release of the “Jail Pt. 2” track—“preposterous.”

See original story below.

The Donda release saga continues, and this time, it appears it should never have even started after Kanye West claims the project was released unauthorized.

On Sunday, several hours after the release of his 10th solo record, the musical giant took to Instagram to let fans know that his latest effort was shared without his permission. 

“Universal put my album out without my approval and they blocked Jail 2 from being on the album,” the text on Yeezy’s post read. 

“Jail pt 2,” the second run of the original track which includes Jay-Z, boasts features from DaBaby and additional help from Marilyn Manson, who is facing multiple sexual and emotional abuse allegations—including four lawsuits. Manson and DaBaby both appeared alongside Ye at his flame-filled Chicago listening event this past week. 

Ye’s revelation comes as fans now wonder if the artist currently even wants the album on streaming yet. BROCKHAMPTON’s Kevin Abstract shared shortly after Ye’s post that he’ll be “unstreaming” the 27-track project. 

The second iteration of “Jail” was not available to stream around 8 a.m. when the record first hit, but it has since been made available with the rest of the project.

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