Joe Budden Rips Eminem and Kendrick Collab “Love Game,” Says He’ll Never Listen to Earl Sweatshirt’s New Album

Joe Budden trashed Eminem and Kendrick Lamar's collaboration "Love Game," and admitted that he'll never listen to Earl Sweatshirt's new album.

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Joe Budden has always been one to speak his mind, and he certainly wasn’t holding back on the most recent episode of his Joe Budden Podcast

On episode 502, Budden covered everything from his thoughts on The Weeknd’s Dawn FM to Earl Sweatshirt’s Sick!. He also trashed Kendrick Lamar and Emimem’s track “Love Game,” which he argued is “high on the list” of “worst record ever made by two superstars.”

“It was a mess. That’s what happened with Hov,” he said. “Who was on that record Kingdom Come? Was it Beyonce or Usher?”

Of course, the conversation naturally progressed to the 2013 Kendrick and Em cut and it wasn’t just an out-of-the-blue bold statement, as Budden and his crew were initially debating Cordae’s From a Bird’s Eye View, specifically Em’s new verse on “Parables.”

“I think ‘Eminem we know you can rap’ is an unfair criticism,” Budden said. “He has been doing this shit. My beef is with people who keep letting him do this on their songs. Shut that shit off! But you are not chopping Eminem off but you can’t rap for 3 minutes on my song, dog. He’s one of the rappers that you just never play around baddies.”

Budden continued, arguing that if Eminem keeps requiring artists to be “extending the beat” for him whenever he hops on a feature, they should match the time that he takes on the mic. Budden used Lil Wayne as an example, sharing that Wanye is “gonna do it back.”

“He can rap for 5 minutes on Lil Wayne song but Wayne is never putting it out without Wayne rapping for 6 minutes,” Budden said. “That will never happen. ‘Hey, rap all you want cause Imma do it too. Do it there. Don’t do it with n----s that are putting out 12- or 16-bar songs. What was it, was it Nas’ album that he did that shit? He just goes off on every feature.”

Also in the episode, Budden touched on his thoughts on Earl Sweatshirt’s new record, which he admits he never even listened to. The host brought up the argument that Earl doesn’t appear on Tyler, the Creator’s last few albums.

“Is [Earl] on Tyler’s last album?” he asked. “Is [Earl] on Tyler’s album before that album? How about the one before that one? All right, yo. Forget it. But you expect me to listen to it. [His] man won’t call him to come to the fucking studio. Yo, when your man stop inviting you to the studio, you’re not getting me to listen to what you’re doing. Sorry, that’s like a rule of thumb for me.”

Budden added that he’s “just being honest” this year. “Hell no, I ain’t hear that bullshit! And I’ll tell you what, I’m never gonna hear ’em! I am never gonna hear that,” he said. I don’t care. That shit could be [Michael Jackson’s] Thriller. When would I put that on?” 

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