Doja Cat Pauses Lollapalooza Argentina Set to Make Sure Fan in Distress Gets Help

Toward the end of her performance, as she was playing through track “Options” Doja began to yell “wait,” and pointed to a fan who needed help in the crowd.

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Doja Cat put a halt on her Lollapalooza Argentina festival set on Saturday night as she spotted fans in the crowd motioning for help. 

Toward the end of her performance, as she was playing through track “Options,” Doja began to yell “wait,” and as the music stopped, pointed out that a fan “needs help.”

Doja Cat stops performance at Lollapalooza Argentina to check up on a fan.

— Pop Crave (@PopCrave) March 20, 2022

“I love you guys, I really do,” she said. “But we can’t have that happening, but I’m not just gonna… as long as somebody’s going out there. You guys, over there in that circle that just signaled to me, when everything’s OK, you just go like this. Just do that. Just wait. If it’s not OK, don’t do anything, but once it’s OK, just do something with your hands like this.”

As Doja waited for about 5 minutes for approval to continue, telling the crowd that she “can’t keep going if things aren’t good,” she pointed out that she was waiting for a girl in a green shirt to give her the green light to play another song. 

“I wanna ask you guys a question,” Doja said. “Does it matter that everybody here gets home safe? Make noise if everybody who needs to get home safe gets home safe. Then you’re on my side, right? That’s all that matters.”

While it remains unclear exactly what was happening in the crowd at the time of Doja pausing the show, she promised her fans that it was “nobody’s fault,” and confirmed that she was would return another time. Once she saw things were good to keep going, she launched into her chart-topper “Say So” to the audience’s delight.

“This stuff happens. It’s a lot of people and people get crushed,” Doja said. “It’s a lot. If you can see from the point of view I’m seeing it from, it’s a lot of people. It’s nobody’s fault, everybody wants to be here. You see what I’m saying? So don’t get sad or upset. I’ll be back. I will, I promise.”

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