Premiere: Stream Brendan Philip’s Self-Titled EP

Toronto’s foremost neo-noir crooner is making R&B for the information age.

Photo by Yannick Anton

We were first introduced to Brendan Philip’s cryptic flair through a feature on Mississauga rapper and Fake Art Records ally Keita Juma’s bouncy house-hop single “Come Over.” Philip’s approach to electro R&B is both adventurous and experiential, and the release of his debut EP is a dreamy leap forward for the Toronto sound.   

Co-produced and co-written with Jahmal Padmore and Keita Juma, Philip’s eponymous release was very much a shared creative journey for the Fake Art crew. “The same few people were always present during recording and building of ideas for songs, so it made it a nice environment for a lot of the experimentation you hear,” he notes. “The recording process happened in a few places, starting in Brampton near my parents' place, to Dreamhouse Studios in Toronto, to a spooky old house in the East End. We used a lot of new and mobile software to sketch ideas for beats and basslines, and also used live guitars to write songs.”

The end result is a sonic transcript of Brendan’s reflections on relationships, love, monogamy, sex, and beyond. “I want this music to be experienced like Eyes Wide Shut meets the dance floor.”

In advance of the project’s May 12th release date, you can stream Brendan Philip’s self-titled EP below, via Fake Art/Dine Alone Records:



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