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The staff at DAD are already accustomed to listening to a shedload of music on a weekly basis. There are so many Soundcloud streams, promo blasts, and

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The staff at DAD are already accustomed to listening to a shedload of music on a weekly basis. There are so many Soundcloud streams, promo blasts, and actual releases that drop in a week that we have to stay on top of, the best way to really come to grips with it is to download everything and recap it once a week. Consider this that recapping.

Each week, we'll be providing you with the best remixes to come across the DAD News Desk that week. Be it tracks we already posted, or tunes we've been keeping tucked, expect to hear our favorite remixes during your Saturday recaps.

This week? We've got a mixed bag; some trap, some dubstep, even some house/garage flavors are found, reworking tracks you know with cuts you might not be familiar with. That is the DAD way.

Knight Riderz “Million Miles (Shiftee Remix)”

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Seclusiasis knows how to pick 'em, and the bass music scene in the US is better for having guys like Shiftee involved. He brings an elegant thump to this track, making this Knight Riderz tune sound like something you'd take a calm boat ride to. Really motivating music.

Bob Marley - "Three Little Birds (Kissy Klub Version)"

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If you remember Kissy Sell Out's BBC Radio 1 program, you know about his exclusive "Kissy Klub" versions of tracks. Solid edits of tracks that are prime tools for DJs who know how to use them. They were guarded, and rarely shared with other selectors, but after the show ran its course, Kissy advised the fans to keep watch of his SoundCloud. This week, he dropped this rocking edit of a classic Bob Marley tune, and it works so well. Nothing to ground-breaking, just a club-friendly, bouncy version of an already cheery reggae track.

Colin Munroe - “Your Eyes (Datsik Remix)”

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Proper Canadian connection on this one. There's something about how Datsik twisted this one; it's rare that you hear a producer unafraid to maintain his composure when remixing a track that's so vocal, but Datsik made sure that his production prowess was front and center on this one. Plus, anytime you get a video with such a beauty in it, you can't neglect it. We had to premiere it. Did you enjoy it?

Mikky Ekko - "Pull Me Down (T.Williams Remix)"

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T.Williams is one of those producers that, no matter what we're feeling, his music can make us smile. His productions are just astonishing; he has a knack for creating these glittering melodies over his funky beats. We have our eyes on you, T.

Benga - "Open Your Eyes (The Prototypes Remix)"

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Remixes like this are exactly why Friction signed these two in the first place. In the void that was left when acts like Chase & Status and Pendulum starting pursuing the world outside of drum & bass, The Prototypes have the intense sound that'll help make the new crop of dnb ravers moving long into the night.

Rihanna - “Diamonds (DJ Sliink Remix)”

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Sliink's racking of accolades from Diplo to the Body High camp, and his remix game is always on point. If you want to see how capable he is, check out his $ NJ $ mixtape. In any case, he takes Rihanna's latest single directly into the trap, splicing specific lines from it and making his own cosmic slop. Not something that's tearing down the clubs, but you'll appreciate it.

Marina and the Diamonds - "Lies (Zeds Dead Remix)"

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Zeds Dead might be some of the best remixers out there; it's surprising that they're not nailing regular official remixes of pop tracks. Some of you A&Rs are fucking up, but don't take our word for it. Listen to what they did to "Lies." Then when they blow without you, don't come crying. We don't want to know.

Danny Brown - "Blunt After Blunt (Noah D Remix)"

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Noah D is one of those producers you need to know about it. He's ran through drum & bass before realizing that his dubstep was what would elevate his career. He recently released his Fire Alarm EP via SMOG, and this remix of Danny Brown's weed-smoking anthem is more on the trap side of things, although it feels undeniably Noah D. He's one that you need to look out for.

The Notorious B.I.G. - "Mo Money, Mo Problem$ (TBMA Remix)"

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We don't have a lot of info on this crew; TBMA = The Bolivian Marching Affair, and this remix dwells somewhere between the electro/moombahton realms. Just great to hear Biggie getting the proper EDM treatment. If this dropped in a club, you wouldn't be jamming? Don't lie to yourselves!

Lil Flip - "I'm A Balla (D!RTY AUD!O Remix)"

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We'll close this week out with some trap, no? D!RTY AUD!O have been on everyone's l!ps for a b!t, for good reason. They know how to twist that sound and take a random Lil Flip tune to showcase everything people love about the trap scene. Ball out to this one.

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