10 Unreleased Tracks We Wish Were Out Right Now

While DAD strives to be on the forefront of new releases, there are always tunes that will allude us. We can't fault producers for holding some tracks

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While DAD strives to be on the forefront of new releases, there are always tunes that will allude us. We can't fault producers for holding some tracks close; you should always keep 'em guessing, right? Yet, sometimes, you just have to let the music breathe. If we hear you talk up a track, and drop it in your mixes, yet never release it? That's frustrating. Or maybe we're just holding onto bits that you don't see as being excellent.

Whatever the case may be, here are 10 tracks that DAD wishes would just come out already, be it for sale or as a free download. We're not begging (although we could), we just love these bits and wish they were available... right now.

Just Blaze & Baauer - "Higher"

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Three months and almost 1.2 million plays later, and Just Blaze & Baauer's "Higher" still hasn't received an official release. In hindsight, it looks like this track was designed to shake up the world for their tour from early 2013, but even in our interview with Just, it seems like there was a plan to have this track get a release. We imagine both are busy, with Just working on a project for Fool's Gold and Baauer working on his own LuckyMe EP (as well as remixes for AlunaGeorge and Disclosure), but DAD can't imagine this one won't ever come out. It's just too huge.

Skream - "Bang That"

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"Bang That" feels like the merging of Skream's dubstep reign and his experimentations in house colliding. It's a simple enough: Merge an unforgettable bassline with some smacking drums and let them fly. Back in February, Skream threw this tracks on his SoundCloud, saying that it'd be out in "the next couple of months," and we heard tales of this coming out on Loefah's Swamp81 imprint (which coincides with word of Loefah smashing this one in loads of mixes), but someone needs to sort this one out. Destruction.

Rachid - "Charade (Grooverider Remix)"

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DAD told you the tale about this mighty remix and why it will possibly never come out, but you'd think that, now that Rachid is no longer signed that Groove would at least release this beast for free download. We're sure he could rake in the dough if he sold it, but if there's legal red tape, why not just let it fly?


Birdy Nam Nam - "Goin' In (Dog Blood Remix)"

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Skrillex already knocked out two remixes of "Goin' In," showing off his drum & bass and dubstep chops on the same track. It worked, as the dubstep version is was got him an A$AP Rocky producer credit, but his version of "Goin' In" with Boys Noize (as Dog Blood) turns this one into an electro house stomper. Skrillex holds the keys to OWSLA, which we imagine will be the imprint dropping this, and this recording is taken from their 2013 Ultra set, but the question remains: When will this one drop?

Baauer & Sleepyhead - "Purebread"

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Benji B has dropped this one numerous times on Radio 1, and while it's not up to Baauer's usual quirky speed, this one is a deep, moody, dub-wise piece of electronic beauty that the DAD staff can't get enough of. One would think that, post-"Harlem Shake," anything with Baauer's name on it would be ripe for the signing. Maybe we're not shouting loud enough about this track. DAD NEEDS "PUREBREAD" TO BE RELEASED AT SOME POINT! PLEASE!


Diplo & DJ Fresh - "Up (Earthquake)"

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We first heard GTA drop this in a mix, and it's since been passed around to a number of the trap scene's finest, including being dropped during Flosstradamus' 2013 Ultra Music Festival set. This is Fresh's first forray into the trap scene, and we're still surprised that he linked up with Diplo for this one, but it's the actual track, from the deep subs to that Biggie sample... we're hooked, and need this.

Dillinja - "Wonka Move"

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DJ Bailey dropped this on his BBC Radio 1Xtra show, letting the world know that this was just a random beat that Dillinja had sent over, something to test in the clubs and such. He then proceeded to drop this scorcher on many of his final radio shows on 1Xtra. Dillinja has been making sure to include this in his sets as well, but he's also a producer who told the world that he'd been working on an album that we've yet to even have a title for. Dillinja's one of those producers that we KNOW is constantly working, but even though he owns his label, he's slacking off on actually releasing his music. Make this the first one on list to come out, Dilly!

Coki - "Voodoo Dolls"

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You recently heard this gem on Coki's "Spring Break" mix for Skream & Benga, and it was listed as coming out on Coki's Don't Get It Twisted imprint, although when DAD dug deeper, there was now talk that it'd never be coming out. The shuffling beat in this one, the dueling melodies, the perfect Drake sample? This is too lethal to be held to the side. You hear how quickly Chef pulls this one back when it drops? That's how you approach this caliber of track. Hopefully someone will get this one to the people.

Dave Owen - "Yo Girl"

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Every summer, we check the 'Net to see if Dave Owen's "Yo Girl" is coming out. See, Dave's got a great knack for sampling, and while we imagine the main sample could have caused an issue, we wonder if that sneaky Chris Brown sample is what caused this to still be sitting in dubplate heaven. As you hear Fabio say, this is definitely a "grown man" tune. This is part of the more mature side of drum & bass, from the warm subs to the classic sample source. Speaking of Fabio, "Yo Girl" is reportedly signed to his Creative Source imprint. What does DAD have to do, get a petition going?

Daft Punk - Random Access Memories

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