YBN Almighty Jay Turns Himself in to Police Over Felony Theft Case

YBN Almighty Jay maintains his innocence.

YBN Almighty Jay turned himself in to police, just over a week after they named him as a suspect for a felony grand theft

Jay was suspected of stealing $80K in jewelry and cash from another rapper. Surveillance footage puts the rapper at the scene where a crew allegedly walked off with tens of thousands of dollars worth of watches, chains, and money. The alleged theft happened while Jay was shooting a video with rapper Skinnyfromthe9.

Though Jay turned himself in to the LAPD, the rapper maintained his innocence for a TMZ cameraman who was on the scene. 

"I ain't guilty. I ain't do shit," he said. "I got accused of shit I ain't do. I ain't do shit. I didn't do anything at all."

Jay can't deny that he was on the scene, but he said he wasn't involved with the robbery that occurred. "Yeah that was me in the video, but I ain't do shit," he said. 

YBN has maintained his innocence from the beginning. When news broke that he was a suspect, the rapper took to Instagram Live to defend himself from the reporting of rap and gossip blogs. 

“Suck my dick bro, for real. Police ass shit n***as doing, man. N***as is police, facts. What’s wrong with n***as? N***as trying to get me booked. N***as is police. And TMZ, WorldStar, suck my fucking dick. Y’all n***as police too my n***a,” he said.

Take a look at the surveillance footage above and watch YBN turn himself in over at TMZ.

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