The Weeknd, SZA, and Travis Scott Take Westeros in "Power Is Power" Video

The Weeknd, SZA, and Travis Scott take turns on the Iron Throne in the new clip.

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Warning: Spoilers ahead. 

"Power Is Power" was a stand-out from the recent Game of Thrones compilation album,For the Throne, and, much like the show's most-memorable moments, it comes complete with jaw-dropping visuals. The video for the collab between SZA, the Weeknd, and Travis Scott just dropped and it's suitably full of battle scenes, posturing, and dragons. 

The clip shows the song's stars taking turns on the Iron Throne, mimicking the ongoing struggle for Westeros' most uncomfortable accent piece. Even the smaller-scale epic of "Power Is Power" needs a villain we love to hate and Abel fills that role nicely. He sings the words of Cersei Lannister in the chorus, before flipping to an image of burning it down that could work equally well for the Targaryens.

The music video comes as Game of Thrones is wrapping up its beight-season run. The battle between the living and the dead seemingly came to an end and the heroes of the series have turned their eyes and remaining armies (RIP, Dothraki) south to the Queen in King's Landing. Daenerys herself has promised the show has one more incredible battle on the way before the series wraps for good. However, that's a little while away so we'll have to settle for Travis, SZA, and the Weeknd doing their best approximation until then.  

Check out the video up top and stream the rest of the compilation here.

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