Nipsey Hussle Closes Out the Year With New Track "Perfect Timing"

Nipsey dropped his debut studio album 'Victory Lap' back in February.

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December is largely a dead month for new music. It's why music publications feel comfortable dropping their year-end lists well before the ball drops on December 31. But that's not stopping Nipsey Hussle

Nipsey's operating on the Beyoncé mindset of "whenever I release it is exactly when it's meant to be released" with his new track "Perfect Timing."

You can listen to the song, which was produced by Sap and Mike & Keys, onstreaming services now.

That Nipsey would want to get one last track out in 2018 makes a good bit of sense. After all, the year's been exceedingly good to the Los Angeles stalwart. Though he's been plugging away since 2005's Slauson Boy, this year marked his proper studio debut. And he's not going to let the year close out without another victory lap. 

And we can't say we blame him. We definitely were in the market for more Nipsey after Victory Lap, an album that was good enough to land among our 10 best albums of the year. That album saw Nipsey using his deep love of Los Angeles to paint a hyper-local picture of LA and he's paying his hometown back for the inspiration by building basketball courts in his old neighborhood.

"Basketball and Crenshaw — you can’t separate them," he said of the philanthropic project in a piece he wrote for The Players Tribune. "It’s all part of the culture that made me. Same way hip-hop is. Same way Impalas and El Caminos and El Dorados is. The Rollin 60s. Purple Kush. Death Row Records. Same way palm trees is, you know what I’m saying? It’s all part of the culture I was steeped in."

Good deeds aside, he's just on a roll. Give a listen to "Perfect Timing" up top. 

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