Lil Yachty Thinks Donald Trump Isn't Actually Trying to Free ASAP Rocky

Yachty thinks Trump is full of it.

lil yachty

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lil yachty

Lil Yachty doesn't agree with the way Donald Trump is going about trying to free ASAP Rocky from a Swedish prison. The rapper spoke to TMZ about Trump's tactics, saying that he needs to be making moves without telling everyone about it.

"I don't think that's the way to go about it, the way Trump handled it," he said. "If you gonna do something, then do it. You don't gotta keep telling everybody just do it."

Earlier this week, Trump said that he was "very disappointed" in Sweden's prime minister, noting that videos show that Rocky was being "followed and harassed" by the men who he was arrested for hitting.  

Yachty said that Trump is nothing but Twitter fingers, blustering about the idea that he'll get Rocky out to pander to hip-hop fans, but not doing much of anything. He said that Trump thinks he'll "really win a lot of black people over" by talking about Rocky's imprisonment, but hasn't actually tried to get the rapper home.

"I don't think he doing shit, either," he said.

"That's my big brother, you feel me? It's real sad," Yachty continued. "Whatever he should be doing, he shouldn't be on the internet about it."

When TMZ pressed Yachty on if he believes Trump cares about black people as a whole, he balked.

"I'm not Kanye West," Yachty said. "But I damn sure think he doesn't care about ASAP Rocky in jail."

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