Eminem and Snoop Dogg Reunite in the Studio for Possible Collaboration

Snoop Dogg shared images from the studio with Eminem.

eminem snoop dogg

Image via Getty/Jeff Kravitz

eminem snoop dogg

Snoop Dogg and Eminem are living representations of two of the three paths that older rappers can go down. 

In Snoop, we have the living legend who seems to float above the everyday rap struggle—the person whose persona and cred are so unassailable that everyone from cantankerous heads to Martha Stewart loves them. Their appearance on a new track is met with the same reaction as walking into the room with a pan of brownies: no one is ever unhappy to see them. 

With Eminem, we have the opposite: the innovator whose style didn't hold up. He's the one who could be imitated by younger folks with new takes on the sound, leaving him to sound dated even as he peddles a style he invented. It doesn't help that he's doubled down on his old-ness, digging in and yelling at the youngsters like they're on his lawn. His appearance on a track is met with the same reaction as a bowl of potato salad:  heavy suspicion. (The third path is heading off to count your money and chill, if you're curious.)


But Eminem might have found the winning formula here, something that can get him off this endless treadmill of new album-critical clowning-anger-new album.  It looks like he's teaming up with Snoop for a new song. 


The Doggfather shared two photos of himself with Em in the studio while he was in town for the Detroit run of his Redemption of a Dogg play. Given that Em started his career playing the firebrand counterbalancing a slow-drawling West Coast legend, and the fact that every Snoop Dogg song is at least a 6, we might be in for a treat.     

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