ASAP Rocky: 'If It Wasn't for Soulja Boy, ASAP Rocky Probably Wouldn't Be Around'

ASAP Rocky thinks we owe Soulja Boy a great debt.

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ASAP Rocky is the latest rapper to give Soulja Boy his flowers. Lord Flacko stopped by Real 92.3 in Los Angeles and admitted that he would not have been able to make a name for himself via the internet had he not seen Soulja Boy do it first.

— REAL 92.3 LA (@Real923LA) January 31, 2019

"If it wasn't for Soulja Boy, ASAP Rocky probably wouldn't be around," he said, plainly. "It's not too far-fetched as me saying 'If it wasn't for Kanye and Pharrell I wouldn't be able to do what I do in fashion.'"

Rocky elaborated on the point, saying that Soulja was incredibly influential when it comes to the way that rappers build an audience and a brand outside of the label system.

"He kinda made a formula. He was the first to do it and it work for him and since then I think that kind of became a basis of a standard way to make it," he said. 

While Soulja Boy's claims to being the hottest rapper in the game currently are dubious, Rocky was more than willing to put some respect on Soulja's legacy and impact in the music industry. In spite of this adoration, Rocky said that he still hasn't met the rapper. 

Soulja Boy was at Yams Day following one of the contentious interviews that have marked his recent press run. He showed up with an invite from ASAP Ferg. However, Rocky was too busy trying to run his annual celebration to stop and chat.

"I never met him yet," Rocky admitted. "He showed up to Yams Day and, unfortunately, I was in the back cursing out some sound people."

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