50 Cent Drags Wendy Williams Over Rumors of Husband's Infidelity

50 couldn't just let it go.

50 cent

Image via Getty/Roy Rochlin

50 cent

50 Cent and Wendy Williams seem to live their lives in a constant battle to see who can be the messiest. They both revel in getting into other people's business and putting what they find on the wire, though only Wendy gets paid to do it. The battle might finally be over today, though. Fif gained the high ground when rumors began to swirl that Wendy Williams' husband got a mistress pregnant. 


50 called Williams "the world (sic) most famous side chick" on Instagram before wondering whether she would bring it up on her show. 

"Always in some body shit," he wrote. "She never talk about this." 

The rapper was joined by frequent tabloid target Masika Kalysha, who asked if Wendy was going to whip up one of her famous relationship charts for her own allegedly troubled marriage. 

"I don't enjoy seeing other women hurt by...the men they entrusted unlike you do," she wrote.  "But I was just wondering: [Wendy,] can we get a chart for this?"  

Given the sheer amount of enemies that Williams has made because of her snooping, it's unlikely that 50 will be the last to chime in on her misfortune. We already know what Future said when he heard the news: 



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