Drake Brings Out Kanye West For OVO Fest


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Drake's annual OVO Fest was tonight in Toronto, and naturally he's brought some special guests. Though some have wondered whether Drake's recent rhyme, "I heard your new shit, nigga hated it..." was a subliminal shot at Kanye West, the pair of superstar rappers made a move tonight that will silence all speculation—if only for a moment. After bringing a number of other stars, including The Weeknd, Big Sean, French Montana, TLC, and Wale, Drake introduced, yes, Kanye West. Watch "New Slaves" below.

Some choice quotes from both parties...

Drake says if it wasn't for Kanye he wouldn't be rapping and is his role model! #OVOFest
Kanye says a lot of rappers couldn't do what Drake has done for Toronto! He says Drake putting pressure on him and HOV let them make WTT

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