Offset Gets Into an Altercation After Money-Throwing Showdown at NYC Strip Club

What started out seemingly as a playful money-throwing contest quickly spiraled into a scuffle between the rapper and others at a strip club in Queens.

Offset on stage wearing a graphic tank top and sunglasses, with braided hair
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Offset on stage wearing a graphic tank top and sunglasses, with braided hair

Offset found himself in what looks like a money-throwing war over the weekend.

The Migos rapper, 32, made a planned appearance at the Starlets Gentlemen’s Club in Queens, New York on Saturday night. As seen in a video circulating online, Off and other attendees were throwing heavy amounts of cash all around.

According to XXL, the situation suddenly turned chaotic when Offset, seemingly frustrated, leaped into the crowd and got into a scuffle presumably with people involved with the money-throwing. It’s not clear what the exact cause of the altercation was but the aggression was clear from the video alone.

In a dramatic turn of events at Starlets strip club, Offset becomes embroiled in a money-throwing altercation that quickly escalates into a tense scuffle. Security intervenes to diffuse the situation and restore order.

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Security quickly intervened and the club announced for all staff members to move downstairs immediately.

On the other hand, Cardi B, 31, was spotted at a 4/20 Party at the Whisper Room in New York’s Upper West Side.

Earlier that night, Offset shared an image of a woman’s arm wearing a white Richard Millie watch to his Instagram Story. That same watch, retailing for $349,000 according to Luxury Watches USA, was seen on Cardi’s wrist during her club appearance that evening.

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