JT Speaks on Her Support for the Transgender Community: ‘They the Girls'

The City Girls rapper’s support for the trans community appears both on her solo single “No Bars” and on the lead single of the duo’s new album.

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JT is opening up about her support for the transgender community.

When talking to Billboard about their new album RAW, the City Girls member was asked about that infamous “pretty like a transgender” line from her solo single, “No Bars.”

“I feel like transgenders are so pretty,” she said. “They always fixed, they look good. I know a few personally. I call them all the time [and] ask them for, you know, little tricks and trades. They the girls.”

JT speaks on her support for the transgender community in her song “No Bars” with Billboard:

“I feel like transgenders are so pretty. I know a few personally and I call them all the time and ask them for little tricks and trades so you know they the girls.” pic.twitter.com/KwW8M8i8o3

— The Female Rap Room (@girlsinrap) November 6, 2023
Twitter: @girlsinrap

The support for the trans community seems to be reciprocated elsewhere on RAW, including the album’s lead single “Flashy,” featuring trans pop singer Kim Petras. “We were looking for somebody who was going to sound good on the record. And Kim Petras, I think that she’s dope and she sounds great,” JT told the publication.

The rap duo released their third studio album RAW last month. Before its release, the women talked to Complex about raising the bar for their music. “It's just a perfection thing right now. I don't want to put out nothing corny,” said JT. “I feel like we've been here too long, and I don't even want to play how we used to. I want the music to be good and hit. It’s still pussy rap like it’ll be fun but much more elevated. It’s elevated pussy rap.”

“We’re legends and I don’t give a fuck what nobody says,” said Yung Miami with JT adding, “For real, who did it like the City Girls? Nobody. It ain't been two bitches to come in, have this personality, and give people the attitude. We came, and just talked about pussy and just being us. Ain't nobody got good pussy rap like City Girls.”

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