Chloe Bailey Reflects On Being Cheated On More Than Once: 'Sometimes N***as Will Cheat'

The 25-year-old singer opened up about the story behind her single 'Cheatback.'

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Chloe Bailey got candid about the real story behind ‘Cheatback.’

The 25-year-old recently sat down with The Zach Sang Show to talk about the inspiration behind the Future-assisted single off of her debut album In Pieces. Bailey said she received the song from her collaborators Theron Thomas and Jeff Gitty while dealing with some less-than-ideal circumstances.

“I got cheated on, I had COVID, I was all in my head, in my feelings," Bailey said. That’s why I was like, ‘I was never good enough for you / You said you didn’t believe in monogamy,’ all that stuff … ‘I’m bored [at] my place, I’m gonna cut this.’”

The singer also said she had been cheated on “a couple times,” but she’s not blaming herself for anyone else’s infidelity. “You know, I feel like no matter how much of a bad bitch you are, sometimes n***as will cheat,” she said.

She continued, “It’s not a ‘you’ thing, it’s a ‘them’ thing. Anytime I find out somebody cheats, I move on. They don’t believe me. I’ll tell them in the beginning, I’m like ‘You know, we aren’t perfect humans, but you cheat on me? I’m out.’ And they don’t believe me until their number is blocked.”

When asked how Bailey discovers when her partners have been unfaithful, she quipped, “God, Instagram, life, them not putting away evidence, panties, hair ties, a lash extension on the shower floor that’s not mine, and I haven’t been wearing lashes for a while.”

Bailey explained that she keeps the evidence to herself until there’s enough proof that an unfaithful partner can’t deny it nor gaslight her. Despite all the drama, the “Have Mercy” singer also admitted that she’s in a better place. “So the glowup out of it is great," she said. "And the songs that come out of it? Great.” 

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