1x1 with Alex Narvaez: Daniel Caesar On Finding Himself After Finding Success

In the inaugural episode of 1x1 with Alex Narvaez, Daniel Caesar talks new album 'Never Enough,' the success of "Peaches" with Justin Bieber, and more

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Where do you go after winning a Grammy Award on your first album?

For Canada’s own Daniel Caesar, he’s been asking that question ever since the massive success of 2017 debut Freudian. Now six years removed from Freudian and four years after taking the Grammy for Best R&B Performance for “Best Part” from that album, Caesar is in a different state of mind as he prepares to drop Never Enough on Apr 7—his first full-length release since 2019’s Case Study 01—but he’s always keenly aware of where he’s been.

“It validated everything I worked for. It makes you feel like you’re a professional,” Caesar says of his early success. “But I also thought it would be more difficult, and I would feel more different when I got it.”

On Never Enough, Caesar comes to the realization that you never stop growing, even when the accolades come early in life.

In this inaugural episode of 1x1 with Alex Narvaez, Caesar talks Never Enough, controlling the narrative, agonizing over past mistakes, not wanting to repeat “Peaches,” making a bluegrass album in Saint-Tropez, isolating on a rural farm, signing to a major label, and memories of starting out in Oshawa.

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