Drake's Ex Keshia 'Keke' Chanté Is Getting a Lot of Messages Over "In My Feelings"

Fans have slid into Keshia Chanté's Instagram DMs over “In My Feelings,” and believe the Canadian singer, songwriter, and TV personality is the “KeKe” Drake is crooning over.

Does Keke love Drake? Is she riding? Is it Keke or Kiki? These are the question plaguing the internet as “In My Feelings” becomes one of the most popular tracks off Scorpion, thanks in part to a viral dance challenge.

But who is Keke? Some believe Canadian singer, songwriter, and TV personality Keshia “KeKe” Chanté is the woman Drake is crooning over.

There’s plenty of evidence to back up this claim, considering the two share a very long history. Chanté and Aubrey Graham reportedly dated back when he was 14, and grew up together in Toronto. According to Genius, on a 2013 episode of BET’s 106 & Park he told her, “You were one of my first crushes, and a lot of people might not know this, but I actually rapped about you before.”

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“In My Feelings” is not the first song Drake dedicated to his first love. In 2009, he remixed one of her songs for “Fallen.” He also dedicated “Madonna” from If You’re Reading This It’s Too Late to her in 2015. "Keshia, Keshia, do you remember the old us? You just hold it down for your boy until the plaques arrive that's why I love you," he raps on “Fallen.”

To this day, the two seem to still be friends. Last year, she posted a photo of them together during a stop in Amsterdam on Drake’s Boy Meets World Tour.

Chanté definitely isn’t denying that she’s the Keke in question. Some fans have slid into her Instagram DMs over “In My Feelings,” and she shared a few screenshots of the messages to Instagram Stories.

Back in April, long before Scorpion dropped, she appeared to tweet further proof. “He put it in a song so i know it’s real,” she wrote.

From the looks of it, Keshia Chanté might be the one that got away.

Or is Drake talking about an entirely different Keke? Genius did some digging and found that the "Kiki/KB" in question is likely K’yanna Barber. You can read about her here.

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