Childish Gambino Reportedly Injured at Dallas Show

Fans say the rapper unceremoniously walked off stage to finish the show.

According to multiple reports, Childish Gambino ended his Sunday show early in Dallas after sustaining an injury.

TMZ is reporting that Bino broke his foot. Fans say the rapper unceremoniously walked offstage at the American Airlines Center 30 minutes before the show was set to end. It's unclear how he got the injury, though some fans think he misstepped during a dance routine. But TMZ reports this could be a preexisting injury. The rapper reportedly arrived to his Las Vegas show on Friday in a wheelchair, wearing a leg brace.

He closed out the show without performing hits like "Redbone" or "3005."

Gambino's team has yet to release a statement regarding his forthcoming shows. Unfortunately for Dallas fans, Gambino has promised repeatedly that his This is America Tour will be his last.

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