Beyoncé Calls Little Girl Who Was Filmed Crying While Watching 'Black Is King'

After Ms. Tina Lawson shared footage of a little girl crying in response to watching 'Black Is King,' Beyoncé called up her young fan to thank her.


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Beyoncé continues to bless fans following the release of her epic visual Black Is King

The film, released on Disney+ and accompanied by music from Bey's 2019 album The Lion King: The Gift, instantly stunned viewers with its gorgeous depictions of Blackness, while highlighting a number of African artists and creators. Most importantly, the project empowered and uplifted young Black people around the world, including one little girl Ms. Tina Lawson shared video of on Instagram. In the clip posted by her aunt, the little girl is seen sobbing as she reacts to the film. "It's so beautiful," she says through her tears.  

"I prayed hard that the message would get through and that little black girls everywhere could see the beauty that is in our Black people and our culture and our ancestors,” Lawson wrote in her repost of the video. “She is beautiful and so is this.”

Well apparently Beyoncé keeps tabs on her mother's IG feed, and without Ms. Tina's direction, called up her young fan and the girl's aunt to thank them for their reaction. 

"She just wanted to personally thank my niece for such a beautiful reaction to her love letter to Africa," her aunt shared on Twitter. "She also wanted to tell her how gorgeous she is and tell her quote 'you are my gift.'"

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