Premiere: Listen to Zeina's "Washing Machine"

The Montreal songstress floats through rolling 808s on her new single.

zeina washing machine
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zeina washing machine

Montreal's Zeina, has already piqued our interest, even if the songstress has only released released two formal singles. The artist has shown us her vocal chops on the glossy, "Hit Me Up" and the atmospheric, "Balloons". Both of which were songs that came with high-profile names attached to them. Despite her small catalog, Zeina has managed to connect with Roy Woods and Travis Scott maestros FrancisGotHeatEestbound and CuBeatz. With the help of these instrumental all-stars, Zeina's tracks have amassed tens of thousands of plays on SoundCloud, bringing her out of obscurity and landing her onto our must-watch list.

Now, Zeina debuts her latest effort, "Washing Machine". It's a moody, airy, and assertive effort that may truly be her best yet. Linking up Bijan Amir, and once again with "Antidote" composer, Eestbound, Zeina adds one more excellent entry to her Soundcloud page. Aside from being the most lit song about a household appliance, "Washing Machine" gets us even more excited about the singer's evergrowing allure. It also begins to cement her undeniable talent.

We were able to chat with Zeina about the new single, her hometown, and her major influences. You can read the interview, and also stream "Washing Machine" above.

I admittedly, only heard of you just recently. Is this your first foray into music? Were you doing anything before Zeina?

I’ve always been heavily into music but as a career...yes, it took me a minute to actually listen to my inner voice that was screaming, “What the hell are you doing in this classroom?” I knew what I wanted to do, but taking a chance on it was scary, but I still did it though. 🐣

Tell us a little about yourself. What do you want the people to know about you and your sound?

When I tell you about myself, I tell you about my music, it's one of the same. I scream, cry, laugh and love through my music and my words, and that is what I want people to know. As for my sound, it’s a melting pot of jazz, trap sometimes pop and R&B depending on the mood. I really don’t think people can categorize what I do. I actually wouldn’t want anyone to be able to trap it in a box either. 🎁

You've only released two singles, and have already managed to fetch some big names in the producer world (Francis Got Heat and Eestbound). How did you connect with those guys?

Both producers I met during studio sessions. It's the classic “I’ll show you mine if you show me yours” 🙊  but applied to our music.🤓  The vibes were right and we just brought our sounds together to create some dope ish. 

Tell me about being an artist in Montreal. There's a whole bunch of great talent over there (especially producer-wise). What's the scene like in the 514?

Montreal is a city with a bunch of different sounds, which is super inspiring to me.💫 Everything from trap to jazz to French rap and that’s only the start. Our producers have also done a great job of putting the city on the map. Might actually be collaborating with one as I type. 👀

This new single, "Washing Machine", is more melancholic, sort of darker than your previous singles. Where did this song come from?

I wrote this song particularly heavy hearted. ⛈ I had a lot to say and I say it best through metaphors and comparisons. I address deeper topics by using a relationship. I did that for the everyday listener but the ones who really take in my lyrics, will see the layers.

You've stated that singers like Amy Winehouse and Tony Bennett, are some of your influences. Those artists are classic crooners. I can hear some of that in your voice. What is it about that vibe, that you love so much?

It’s the raw voice. It's feels and emotions only jazz singers give me. 💖

What can we expect from you in the next little while? Any tentative projects in the works? Visuals?

More music and visuals. I’m really in the prepping stages right now. 

Can we see you live anywhere soon? If so, what can we expect from your live performances?

Nothing announced for the moment but in my live performances I want to bring the crowd to escape to another dimension. ✨


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