Premiere: Leoh Davis, Eestbound, and Ahkilo Connect for "Finish Line"

Toronto rapper, Leoh Davis, snags some big production credits for "Finish Line".

finish line

Image via SoundCloud

finish line

Last year, Leoh Davis released the gritty and atmospheric mixtape, New I'D. It was a project that honed his aesthetic, refined his lyrical approach, and featured great assists from trusted production duo MostHigh. While Davis is far from a greenhorn, this latest collection of music broke new ground and introduced him to a fresh set of listeners. Now, and after seven long months, Leoh is returning to the scene with a vengeance. "Finish Line" is the Toronto rapper's newest track, and it comes with deep and rolling basslines courtesy of Eestbound​. The cut also reunites the local emcee with beat maestro, Ahkilo​, who lands the other half of production credits. Together, all three manage to produce something memorable; equal parts sinister and boisterous.

"Finish Line" is augmented with patented screeches from the "Antidote" producer (Eestbound), as well as the dark warble prominent in "Star67" (Ahkilo). On the microphone, Leoh Davis commands attention with an array of slick lines and references. It's certainly a welcome addition to the trio's evergrowing repertoire. You can listen the premiere of "Finish Line" below, via SoundCloud.

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