Playlist: The Best Canadian Songs of 2016

Buckle in and delve into the best Canadian songs of the year.


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Sequels rarely top their predecessors, but there are a few exceptions to this rule. Take for instance, The Empire Strikes Back, which is the best Star Wars film of all time. That is an objective fact, so don't at me. While 2015 was without question, a landmark year for Canadian music, its calendar sequel has been far from a bust. 2016 has only solidified Canadian dominance, gifting the world with a seemingly endless stream of terrific cancon. 

Last year, the country's talent pool flooded into the mainstream, and found a new home at the top of Billboard charts. Thankfully, nothing much has changed in 2016, as Drake, Justin Bieber, and The Weeknd set (and smash) records left, right, and centre. While the usual suspects continue to make our nation proud, more and more new artists are beginning to turn heads - proving that the future is bright in the Great White North. To help celebrate an excellent year in music, we've compiled the best Canadian songs of 2016. Relive the jams, the heaters, and of course, the big chunes below, in our comprehensive SoundCloud playlist.


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