Northern Touch: The Best Canadian Songs Of August

Listen to our favourite Canadian songs of August.

northern touch august
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northern touch august

At the end of every month, we round up the songs and music videos by Canadians that were in heavy rotation. Throw some headphones on, kick back, and catch up on the gems you might have missed this month.

Jazz Cartier, “Waste”

The self-proclaimed “Prince Of Toronto” has done well for himself this season. After getting a special shout-out from his idol, Lil Wayne, the rapper is beginning to fulfill his promise of “bodying the summer”. Jazz Cartier’s latest effort, “Waste”, builds upon his recent streak of quality cuts. The track sees the rapper link up with production team, Twice As Nice, who employ booming basslines and airy bells throughout an assertive instrumental. The track is Jacuzzi at his best, and hopefully it’s a sign of more things to come.

Birthday Boy, “Walk Away”

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Birthday Boy knows how to balance smooth melodies with off-kilter accents. This combination is what makes the producer stand out amongst his peers. His broad palette of sonic tinges is fully displayed on “Walk Away”. On the track, Birthday Boy blends whispery vocals with neo-soul and acid house vibes. The result makes for one of the month’s best offerings.

Smoke Dawg ft. French Montana, “Trap House (Remix)”

CJ Flemings, “Wanted Forever”

CJ Flemings is one of the 514’s most exciting new talents. This is precisely why we featured him on our Montreal’s Next piece, earlier this month. His latest song, “Wanted Forever”, totally oozes cool. Most prominently, the track has a terrific melody, which is enforced by some slick keys courtesy of MOSTHIGH’s Ahkilo.

Harrison ft. Allie, “Vertigo”

Jayd Ink, “Deep Under”

Katy Perry, “Rise (Purity Ring Remix)”

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