Quavo and the Biebs Are Joining the Celebrity All-Star Game

The NBA Celebrity All-Star Game just got way more interesting.

Justin Bieber
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Justin Bieber

With Jamie Foxx, Paul Pierce, and Tracy McGrady suiting up, the 2018 NBA Celebrity All-Star Game already looked interesting. The game's appeal, however, just increased tenfold.

Two of the biggest names in music have decided they'll lace up their J's and run with their fellow celebrities at the Staples Center Friday night. Justin Bieber and Migos' Quavo have opted in as late additions. The game will tip at 7 p.m. ET on ESPN.

Bieber won the Celebrity All-Star Game's MVP in 2011, and his love for basketball has been widely publicized over the years. He's gone through puberty and changed a lot as a person in the seven years since that game—now, we'll see how much his game has changed.


It's well-known that Quavo can hoop, too. The lefty has a nice stroke. He's a good athlete in general, having been majorly into football when he was younger.


(🎥: quavohuncho / Instagram) pic.twitter.com/RUF7KaBT8T

One of these guys could actually be the game's MVP.

The Celebrity Game has gone down a few notches over the years—the list of players has gone from A-listers to more C-listers—but this year's crop is top tier once again, perhaps a testament to the NBA's explosion. 

Bieber will play on Team Lakers and Quavo will play on Team Clippers. As a reminder, here are the full rosters: 

Team Clippers​

Anthony Anderson
Brandon Armstrong
Miles Brown
Win Butler
Andre De Grasse
Stefanie Dolson
Jamie Foxx
Paul Pierce
Dascha Polanco
Bubba Watson
Jason Williams

Team Lakers

Justin Bieber
Sterling Brim
Nick Cannon
Terence Crawford
Rachel DeMita
Jerry Ferrara
Marc Lasry
Tracy McGrady
Caleb McLaughlin
Candace Parker
Nate Robinson
Drew Scott
Kris Wu

More like the Celebrity All-Skrrt Game, am I right? I'll see myself out.

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