Premiere: London Boy Jevon Learns Some International "Lingo" With Kida Kudz And Diggy

London, Lagos and NYC unite.

It's been two months since Jevon released his Spirits & Chaos EP, and in that time, he has delivered a head-turning Fire In The Booth appearance and a headline show, but now the West London-born artist is already back with new music in "Lingo".

Linking up with Kida Kudz (who takes on hook duty) and rapper Diggy, the track has an almost hypnotic appeal with its prodding synth line and a skittering drum beat, while the video is shot between London and New York with a variety of scenes adding character to the self-assured lyrics.

"This was just a very organic and random link up at a studio in LA," Jevon told Complex. "I played the beat and everyone was down to jump on it. I think that comes across in the music: us three, just having fun. The product of young creative minds coming together organically. The idea of the song came from us teaching each other our ways of saying stuff—each other's lingo—as we're all from different places: Diggy from NYC; Kida from Lagos; and me, from London. Three artists from different backgrounds and continents working collectively on a vision."

Watch exclusively above.


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