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Rich the Kid dove headfirst into the generation gap and now he's trying to swim to the shore. 

On Tuesday, Rich the Kid took to his Instagram Stories to clarify some comments he made about veteran rappers not owning their masters. 

"When I said old n***as I really meant the old n***as who tryna act young but don’t own they shit, not the OG's," the 28-year-old Rich wrote. "Now I’m tryna promote ownership n***as get mad cause they don’t own they shit…Sad."

Rich the Kid gained attention when he started a conversation surrounding seasoned rappers and their master. In his initial IG Stories post, he made it clear that a lot of artists are making music without handling the business side of things first. 

"You old n***as been rapping 100 years and still don’t own masters. Let that sizzle in ya spirit," Rich said in the post.

Although he didn't name a specific artist, this comment could seemingly apply to two of hip-hop's greats. Kanye West has made it his mission to force Universal/Def Jam into selling him his masters. Yeezus tried to accomplish his goals by starting a Twitter crusade against the company, posting his contract and other legal documents—over 100 pages worth—for fans to examine.

Lil Wayne's contract situation and label disputes have plagued his own career for years. Yet after finally freeing himself from the clutches of Cash Money, Weezy reportedly decided to sell his stake in Drake, Nicki Minaj, and other Young Money artists' masters—as well as his own—to Universal. This perplexing decision, Kanye's fight, and similar situations involving GOATS seemingly forced Rich the Kid to clarify his statements.