With over two decades of experience in the music game, LA-based producer Amon Tobin is still finding ways to tease new and exciting sounds out of the studio. The story goes that he first started out with little more than a double cassette player, but his sound has grown dramatically since those days into something vast and cinematic in scope.

His latest venture, the Ithaca EP saw him team up with Dutch composer Thys (aka one third of Noisia) for a series of recording sessions that spanned eight years. The five-tracker dropped in November last year via Vision Recordings and now they're returning to it with filmmaker Mahnoor Kavian to give the track a starkly minimal video that's surprisingly expressive, using animated figures to illustrate this section of the EP's overarching epic tale of a 20-year journey.

Speaking on the concept behind the video, director Mahnoor Kavian explained: "The human species do not belong anywhere and at the same time belong everywhere, if they cooperate with the universe."