Say what you will about the man, but Macklemore is deeply committed to saying exactly what he feels. On the last day of  Donald Trump's presidency, the "White Privilege II" rapper got in one final shot at the outgoing President with his "Trump's Over Freestyle."

To Macklemore's credit, the song falls pretty far outside the congratulatory and smug vibe of Trump-era comedians like Randy Rainbow and Sarah Cooper. The song is happy to see Trump go, but doesn't take the "back to brunch" mentality that Biden is a cure-all for the nation's ills. In between barbs for MAGA rioters and the man who inspired them, he points a finger at Get Out-style liberals who fight for the environment or other progressive causes while remaining silent about the ongoing civil rights movement in the United States. He points out that Biden is no savior, the pandemic rages on, and that half of the country that supports Donald Trump had proved willing to storm the Capitol.

"We thought 2021 was going to save us/ we thought we were going to love all our neigbors/we thought COVID was over being contagious/ nope, America's still armed, dumb, and dangerous," he raps.

It's not the first time that Macklemore has jumped on a song to diss Donald Trump. He appeared on a remix of the first (and still best) high-profile anti-Trump anthem "FDT." In part 2 of the YG hit, released before Trump won the presidency, Macklemore pushed back against Trump's racist rhetoric and the idea that America would elect someone so vile.

Listen to Macklemore's "Trump's Over Freestyle" above.