Drake has once again blessed someone with a philanthropic gesture.

Earlier this week, the Instagram account 6ixBuzz reposted a video from Toronto-based rapper BucksInDaCut, where he shared that his goal for this year is to stack more money than he did in 2020. After revealing he began the year with $500 Canadian dollars (around $390 U.S. dollars), he proceeded to count his current savings, which amounted to $1,300 Canadian dollars ($1,016 USD).

To BucksInDaCut's surprise, Drake slid in the comments and wrote, “Yo what’s this mans PayPal I’m doubling that for my guy Bucks B.”

People from OVO also apparently liked the post.

Drizzy made good on his word. In a second video, Bucks confirmed that Drake sent the funds, and, to his surprise, also paid off Bucks’ student debt.

“Yo fam, listen up: I gotta big up Drizzy, the one and only Drake, fam,” Bucks said in the clip. “He’s a man of his word, fam. He doubled my money and on top of that, fam, I told him about my OSAP [Ontario Student Assistance Program loan] and he cleared my debts, fam. So I gotta big up this guy one more time. He’s the biggest name in the city, fam. Drizzy Drake, fam, I’m tryna be be like him one day.”

In 2018, around the time Drake released his “God’s Plan” video, he went on a sort of charity tour around Miami, surprising people with cash or gifts, donating $50,000 to a women’s shelter, paying for a student’s tuition at the University of Miami, and picking up the bill for people’s groceries.

More recently, he donated $100,000 to National Bail Out in 2020, a collective that helps bail black mothers and caregivers out of jail during the pandemic.