Royce da 5'9" and Benzino has been entangled in a war of words and tweets for a few days. Their interactions have sparked commentary from several rappers including Joyner Lucas which didn't sit well with Benzino. 

On Thursday, Benzino hopped on Twitter to take direct aim at his fellow Massachusetts native.

"@joynerlucas to I will fuck u up u keep speaking my name. You got on warning Pussy," Benzino said before claiming that he can make Lucas' life in their home state very uncomfortable if he wanted.

"@joynerlucas you ain’t never step foot in Roxbury u bitch ass nigga. U from Worcester mass you punk mf, u never was bout that life. Don’t let them pussies get u hurt. Yea I went in your dms because your musics trash like @royceda59 U got me fucked up I’ll have u touched fuckboi," 'Zino continued. "I’ll make Boston a no fly zone for u pussy keep playing wit me. U think shits sweet? I’ll fuck u up."

Benzino's tension with Lucas comes after Joyner seemingly sided with Royce da 5'9". During their virtual scuffle, Benzino challenged Nickle to a Verzuz battle. A lot of people got a laugh out of this, including Lucas. 

"Man dis clown tried to inbox me a few months ago tryna VERZUS battle me too," Lucas wrote under Royce's Instagram post about the challenge. "Idk what nursing home he escaped from but they needa find him and bring him back ASAP."

Benzino didn't deny these messages. Instead he urged Lucas to accept the challenge or stop mentioning his name. 

Although Lucas is now one of his targets, Benzino hasn't stopped firing shots at Royce. 

This prompted Royce to respond with some low blows of his own. After Benzino continually referred to Royce as Eminem's slave, Nickle decided to drag Benzino's daughter, Coi Leray, into the drama.

"I’m gon take your daughter to the park and let her ride the swings if you don’t quit spending your whole day being a twitter goon," Royce responded. "She pussy popping on a handstand on IG. Now go hug her and tell her she’s beautiful before Drake or Trey Songz does."