Katy Perry's alleged stalker has skipped court, forcing the prosecution to issue a bench warrant for his arrest, TMZ reports

Per Los Angeles County Court records, William Edward Terry was set to be arraigned for trespassing charges on Friday but he didn't show up to court. This failure to appear resulted in the city attorney issuing a bench warrant. The bigger issue, however, is the fact Terry is still on the loose with stated goals of harassing the singer.

The 38-year-old has been using his social media accounts to post lewd and unwarranted messages about Perry for months. He also made threats to Perry's partner, actor Orlando Bloom, and other people close to the singer. This behavior came to a head in September when scaled the fence of Perry's Beverly Hills home. 

Katy claims that Terry jumped the fence of her property when she was home with her daughter, Daisy Dove Bloom. When he refused to leave, he was apprehended by security and placed under a citizen's arrest until the police came. Terry was charged with trespassing for the incident on Wednesday. 

Though it is believed that Terry is homeless, Perry was allegedly able to successfully file a restraining order against Terry that forces him to stay away from her family—including Bloom's son, Flynn.

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