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Rowdy Rebel's release from prison on Tuesday was met with serious fanfare. His first day out was documented on social media by himself and his loved ones, and while he had to make a lot of stops on his way home, Rowdy still made time to check in with one of the people who matters the most. This included a jailhouse phone call with Bobby Shmurda, recorded by Rowdy during an Instagram Live session.

"I love all my fans, I love all the support," Bobby said after Rowdy urged him to say something for the fans on Live. "We’ll be right there. Don’t even trip."

In September 2016, Bobby infamously took more prison time than he was reportedly offered in order to lessen Rowdy Rebel's sentence. Although they were supposed to be released around the same date, Shmurda's sentence was extended due to numerous violations. Since the tables have turned, it's Rowdy's turn to hold things down until Bobby's able to touch road again.

Rowdy is seemingly keeping up his end of the bargain by perfecting his craft. After getting settled, he immediately went to the studio where clips surfaced of him working on new music. 

Rowdy also received a welcome-home gift from Eric da Jeweler, an extremely intricate glow in the dark chain, a.k.a. “the hardest piece in the game right now,” the artisan wrote. Across two IG posts he added, “It’s lights out for them. This ain’t none of that rainbow hair shit. … Everything digital! Glow in the dark shit! Double R rings it’s lit,” Eric wrote on IG.