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Nicki Minaj helped pay tuition and other education fees for some of her fans back in 2017 and 2018, and now one of them has graduated with a bachelor's degree.

As HipHopDX points out, Artavion Cook personally thanked Minaj for helping to pay for those fees. "I can't believe that I'm actually saying this out loud, but I am an official college GRADUATE!" Cook wrote on Instagram. "Bachelor of Science in Biology. Chemistry and Psychology minor. This day is even more special because @NICKIMINAJ paid my tuition a few semesters ago, and today is her birthday!"

Minaj originally reached out to some of her fans back in 2017, offering to help people either pay off their existing student loans or take care of their tuition fees. By 2018, she had helped around 37 fans in total, paying close to around $18,000 to assist some of them. It was all kicked off after one fan seemingly joked about her paying off their tuition, which prompted her to offer to pay it if they could show her straight A grades.

She later rapped about the student debt forgiveness in her song "Barbies Dreams," on which she rapped, "You know I'm all 'bout them dollars/I be supportin' them scholars." Hopefully this won't be the last feel-good story to come from her efforts.