Meek Mill has his eye on Silicon Valley as he and other top-tier rappers look to develop their own digital service provider and platform that they can own and control.

The Dreamchaser honcho knocked on the tech capital of the country's door via Twitter on Christmas day saying that he, Lil Baby, and Lil Durk are looking for someone connected in Silicon Valley to help them.

"Me lil baby Durkio tryna get somebody in Silicon Valley to build us our own music platform we can be majority owner in," Meek tweeted. "We will pay!! We need top Silicon Valley steppers please!"

Meek added that 21 Savage would be in the mix as well to help with the endeavor.

Meek has experience in the business of launching platforms from the ground-up, most notably working with Jay-Z, Michael Rubin, and more to create their Reform Alliance that is geared towards helping fix the deeply flawed criminal justice system. Launched in January of last year, the organization has since made major strides in criminal justice reform. In fact, in October they got a new law passed in California that will limit probation sentence maximums for misdemeanors and felonies. 

Artists like Meek have often voiced the plight of DSPs giving them only a small portion of earnings from millions of streams and there have been several conversations over the last few years regarding how they can reclaim more ownership over their music. Meek's current plans might mirror what Jay-Z did with his TIDAL imprint, which is a streaming service that he acquired back in 2014.