Lil Yachty has a lot of high-profile collaborations under his belt, whether it be fashion or music, but his next collab is one of his most unique to date.

In a brief tweet, Yachty revealed that he's got a Reese's Puffs collaboration on the way, and it'll come with his very own cereal box featuring his face. He shared a photo of him recklessly pouring the cereal into a bowl, wearing what looks to be a jacket that ties in with the collab. "I've done a lot of things in my career, but this is one I'm probably most proud of," he tweeted. 

"He brought his signature creativity to this collaboration, we knew our fans would be excited to see his design on the front of our cereal boxes," said General Millls' senior marketing communications manager Mindy Murray.

The picture and news of the collaboration comes not too long after Yachty dropped "Reese's Puffs Rap," a track he uploaded to SoundCloud in which he broadcasted his love for the cereal. No word on when to expect the cereal to hit store shelves, or if any merch is expected to drop alongside the release of the special packaging.

As for what fans can expect from the full collaboration, Yachty recently told Hypebeast that there's much more to come. "It'll be everywhere, everywhere, you know," he teased. "And everyone grocery shops, from your grandmother to your nephew and niece and everyone. So it's just, it's super cool. I love anytime I'm doing anything that's led by my workspace and interest in something. ... This is like a really cool collectible I would say, not only just for me, but just for people who like to collect."