According to TMZ (which was citing a rep they spoke to from the airline) JetBlue has banned Lil Pump over a prolonged incident that took place during this past weekend. This incident is said to have been ignited by the 20-year-old rapper's refusal to wear a facemask, before deteriorating into a long(er) series of bad behavior. 

As the rep told TMZ, an individual on a Saturday flight from Fort Lauderdale, Florida to Los Angeles ended up becoming verbally abusive with the onboard crew, took off his mask during the flight, and then refused to put it back on even when he was asked to do so.

This making-of-a-scene was considered to be disorderly enough for cops to be asked to be on standby when the flight came into LAX. But it did not reach the level where cops actually had to arrest Lil Pump, as no such police records exist of an incident/arrest.

As summarized by TMZ, the captain made notes of what happened, and what consequences were necessary due to Pump's alleged conduct. Speaking of the captain's opinion of the matter, TMZ wrote the following:

At first, he says Pump was simply noncompliant with their mask policy, but later said he was sneezing and coughing into a blanket sans mask (perhaps on purpose) ... and that more than just a supervisor needed to meet them, as Pump had to be dealt with "firmly."

A correspondence sent after that says Pump eventually stopped his protest and put on a mask.

At some point afterward he took to IG to very briefly curse out the airline in a clip that was later uploaded (though not by Pump) to YouTube: