If there's one rapper you can depend on, it's Todd. Too Short made it clear on Monday that he does not support Donald Trump despite the rumors surfacing that he's another pro-MAGA rapper.

Per TMZ, Too Short was set to be part of a "prominent group of African American actors and entertainers" to be invited to the White House to talk about Trump's Platinum Plan. This meeting would include subjects of the seemingly pro-Trump documentary, Trump vs. Hollywood, that was directed by Daphne Barak and featured Too Short. Yet, Short explains to TMZ that the direction of the documentary was supposed to show both sides of the political spectrum and was flipped to support a certain narrative. 

"I know the source of it and on the other side it, I was asked to do an interview," he said. "That was it. I wasn’t asked to go to a dinner. I wasn’t invited to a dinner, I wasn’t anything. I didn’t tell anybody anywhere on planet Earth that I support Donald Trump as a candidate. I’m getting to vote right now and I promise you, I’m not voting for Donald Trump."

Too Short went on to say that he has been asked to be a political puppet for the Republican party on several occasions, but has always refused. 

"I was also asked to fly to D.C. to, I guess, meet Donald Trump. I was also asked to jump on a phone and talk to somebody or Trump. I said, ‘I’m not doing this.’ No, I don’t want to fly to D.C. No, I don’t want to jump on a phone call. I don’t want to be used as an endorsement. You shake his hand and they go, ‘Oh you endorsed him.’ I don’t want to be a part of that during this election process," he said. OG Short Dog also condemned anyone using something as critical as an election as a platform to gain attention. 

"Anybody who’s taking this moment as a photo opp, as an opportunity to go viral to be like relevant for a day, I can’t respect that," he added. "It’s not a good year for that. It’s not a good time to be insincere with your actions."

Watch Too $hort's full conversation with TMZ above.