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Despite going all in on his support for Donald Trump, SoundCloud rapper Lil Pump didn't bother to vote in the 2020 presidential election. In fact, Pump didn't even register to vote, according to The Smoking Gun. 

Born Gazzy Garcia, Pump, 20, doesn't show up as a registered voter on Florida state voter rolls. These findings were also confirmed by a supervisor for the Miami-Dade County Elections Department. 

Pump, or as Trump called him, Lil Pimp, would be considered a resident of Miami-Dade County since he bought a home in Miami Beach last year, which is described in mortgage records as his "principal residence." Even though Trump won Florida by less than 400,000 votes with 99 percent reporting, Joe Biden pulled 53.3 percent of the votes in Miami-Dade, per NBC News. 

If Pump truly wanted to make his voice heard, he would've registered in Florida by October 5. But his full-throated support for Trump less than two weeks prior to the election was solely meant to garner attention. Pump also stated he would be "paying an extra 33 in taxes" with Biden as president. While Biden's tax plan is expected to raise taxes on Americans making over $400,000, it's unclear where he's getting this idea of an "extra 33" from.  

Even as it became evident that the Blue Wave was going to come crashing down on Trump’s hopes of re-election, Pump tried to ease the concerns of the MAGA community, telling them "our man will be re-elected."