King Von's business was handled properly before his untimely demise. 

During a recent interview with DJ Akademiks, Von's manager Track explained that the Chicago native only had project obligations to Empire and wasn't signed to a record label. The 26-year-old also hadn't sold any of his publishing and owned all of his royalties at the time of his death.

"He owns all his masters. He wasn't an artist that sold his publishing. So, everything belongs to him," Track explained. "It's a blessing from God because his kids and his family will be good for the rest of they life."

Von was the father of two children. He was also the caregiver and provider for his immediate family, including his sisters, brothers, and mother. Because Von put himself in a good position, Track and his management team will be able to set up trust funds for his children as well as distribute the funds to Von's friends whom he considered family. 

"As a team, our number one focus is to make sure that his immediate family is taken care of. His mom. You know, his sisters, his brothers. Von had two kids," Track explained. "Just making sure they got a trust. Trust funds. Whatever income."

King Von released Welcome To O-Block at the end of October. Although he had just hashed out a project, Track claims Von had enough music in the stash for at least two more complete projects. Track and his team are hoping to ration out these songs and verses in ways that solidify Von's legacy. 

Watch DJ Akademiks' interview with King Von's manager Track above.