Less than a week after it was announced that Drakeo the Ruler was getting out of prison, the West Coast rapper has dropped his first post-release track and video.

"Fights Don't Matter" is a taste of Drakeo's new project We Know the Truth, and it's accompanied by a music video shot within hours of him leaving prison. It was written while he was in solitary confinement, noted reporter Jeff Weiss, who has followed Drakeo's case closely.

"The first real Drakeo video after nearly three years," Weiss wrote on Twitter. "Recorded three hours after leaving the Compton Courthouse—from scrawled lyrics written while caged in solitary to a video in 96 hours."

As results for the election started to roll in last week, it was announced that Drakeo was offered a plea deal and would finally be free. "We know the truth," Drakeo told Complex of his release last week. "The truth is undisputed. #DrakeoFree."

Prior to his release, Drakeo was in prison awaiting trial for criminal gang conspiracy and shooting from a motor vehicle charges, and was facing 25 years behind bars if found guilty. He was released with time served after he struck a plea deal.