Premiere: Drakeo the Ruler Drops 2 Songs From Forthcoming 'Thank You for Using GTL' Project

Drakeo the Ruler shares new tracks "GTAIV" and "Backflip or Sum" off a new 18-track tape with producer JoogSZN he recorded via phone from prison.


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Drakeo the Ruler, who's currently awaiting a retrial in connection with a case in which he was previously acquitted, has announced a new 18-track mixtape that boasts vocals recorded over the phone from prison.

The title of the JoogSZN-produced project, Thank You for Using GTL, references the inmate telecommunications system used in Los Angeles County. Ahead of its release, Drakeo is sharing two new songs off the tape, "GTAIV" and "Backflip or Sum."

Speaking to fans in a statement to Complex on Thursday, Drakeo said he plans to continue releasing music despite the widely criticized circumstances surrounding his confinement.

"My message to fans is that I'll be out soon," Drakeo said. "I'm not guilty and I'll keep putting music out 'til I'm out. I'm going to always be myself regardless of the situation I'm in. I'm just going to get better and better." Addressing his current situation further, Drakeo pointed to the similar reality that everyday people face at the hands of the criminal justice system.

"Don't think you can't be charged for the same thing," he said. "They're doing it to me. How many regular people do you think they're going to do this to? If you have a record or hang around people with records, there may be a consequence."

Below, stream "GTAIV" and "Backflip or Sum" via SoundCloud. Thank You for Using GTL is out June 5.

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