Boldy James continues his impressive year with his first single off his upcoming collab project Real Bad Boldy with producer Real Bad Man. "Thousand Pills" features Roc Marciano protégé Stove God Cooks and both he and Boldy do unfathomable things to this beat. Boldy takes off on this like he's in the Batmobile you see in the artwork and Cooks jumps off the top rope and hits it with a steel chair. If Boldy is the People's Champ, then Stove God is rookie of the year. Both of these cats have had an incredible year that has seen lyrical rap at the forefront due to all the clubs being closed.

On what we can expect from the project, Boldy explained, “With Real Bad Boldy, I’m talking about my life before music; before I caught this second wave that I got right now. Things that I am into, this art of hustling. I didn’t really make it in this industry as a youngin', I made it once I got a little older and I feel I'm in my prime now. I had a life before music and that’s what I rap about. I've lived enough life to where it writes the music for me. I don't have to recap, or reflect, back on it too hard because this is my real life. This isn’t me taking something I’ve seen, or been fascinated with and creating a fictional truth out of it, because I’ve seen it. I am not a 'seen it' kind of guy. I am a 'lived it' type of guy, and this is what it sounds like when you’ve really lived it.”

This is Boldy's fourth tape this year alone and my sources tell me Cooks has fired up that stove again, so we should expect more from him sooner rather than later hopefully.

“I am just talking the talk I usually talk. I turned the stove on and we got busy," Stove God Cooks said of the collaboration. “Boldy already had it in the pot, I just made it jump.”

Real Bad Boldy will be released on Dec. 11. Check out "Thousand Pills" up top, and the tracklist for the project below.

1.)  Real Bad Boldy
2.)  Light Bill Master f/ Meyhem Lauren
3.)  Thousand Pills f/ Stove God Cooks
4.)  Failed Attempt
5.)  Lil Vicious f/. Eto
6.)  On 10
7.)  Held Me Down
8.)  Street Shit
9.)  Good Foot f/ Mooch & Rigz
10.)  Champion