While waiting to pick up his Xbox Series X on Tuesday, BlocBoy JB decided to exhibit some homophobia and declare PlayStation 5 is "for the gays."

Interacting with fans while he waited outside GameStop to acquire his console, BlocBoy got into an argument with his fans over the two new console launches and even called it "gaystation." 

"If you really look into it, Playstation, they got, uh, pride colors, so Playstation supposed to be for the gays and Xbox supposed to be for the street n***as," he said during an Instagram Live stream on Tuesday, the launch day for the Series X and Series S.

"Not saying that the gays can’t play the Xbox, but I’m just saying. Xbox for the gangster n***as. That’s my calculations." While he says he came to the conclusion after making "calculations," it seems he more likely did so through mental gymnastics. 

This is far from the first time BlocBoy has courted controversy this year, as he previously indicated he was supporting Trump in the 2020 election.

"I'm starting to like Trump no cap," he wrote back in March. "Dude ass to gangsta." 

See reactions to his homophobic comments regarding PlayStation vs. Xbox below.