Saweetie is one of the decorated officers in charge of the takeover women rappers have executed on hip-hop. Part of her appeal is her duality—although her lyrics are sexually charged and focused on spending other people's money, she's a proud college graduate. These two sides were on display when she talked to the Shade Room about once working at a strip club. 

"I used to work at the strip club myself," Saweetie said after noting that there's a misconception when it comes to strippers. "While I was a server at the strip club, I realized that strippers are regular people. ... They're real girls who are coming to work."

All too often, women get labeled "stripper rappers," and some fans point to vocally college-educated artists like Megan Thee Stallion and Saweetie as examples of how women should strive to act. This doesn't sit well with Saweetie. Along with explaining all the nuances and beauties of strip clubs, she urged rap fans to let women be themselves. 

"I've seen that conversation and I don't like when people uplift me while putting down another woman," Saweetie said. "I want women to really value themselves because you learn a lot working in those environments."

Saweetie also found herself face-to-face with Eric Andre this week. As expected, there was no shortage of bizarre antics—including hydraulic desks and a random 2-by-4.