The collaborative brainchild of siblings Andy and Dorothy Sherman, Shermanology have made a career of swirling myriad influences into their crossover house sound and their latest offering, "Shoot Me", is no different. In the past they've stitched together Latin and Caribbean influences with hip-hop, funk, soul and more — but always with an eye on the dancefloor. For their latest endeavour they've teamed up with French DJ-producer Tim Baresko to return to their house music roots. Touches of some of those other sounds still make themselves heard in the robotic vocals, the rumbling funk basslines and the techy synths; but in doing so they've tapped into the very essence of pure, soulful house music. Raving may be on hold for now, but thanks to Shermanology and Tim Baresko we've got one more banger lined up for its return.

"Shoot Me" will be officially released alongside "The Sound" on October 9 via Superfett Records.

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