In a thrilling act of incidental Eternal Atake promo, Lil Uzi Vert was (reportedly) detained overnight in connection with a friendly paintball showdown on the streets of his hometown of Philadelphia.

Footage of some of the fun was shared with fans during an Instagram Live session, prompting more than a few rips that were circulating as of Wednesday morning. According to TMZ, who cited "law enforcement sources" in their report, Uzi and a few friends were "detained and cited" on Tuesday night after reports started coming in about the paintball guns being fired from the window of a vehicle.

One clip showed that a nearby SUV, though it's unclear whether or not it belongs to Uzi or one of the involved friends, had been struck with paint. At any rate, Uzi and his friends were said to have been quickly released after being given tickets. Additionally, TMZ claimed that "seven different paintball guns" were recovered.

Uzi hasn't addressed any of this aside from previously sharing footage of the paintball-based throwdown in progress on Tuesday night.

In the post-release glow of Eternal Atake and its prompt deluxe edition, Uzi has been popping up by way of a recent string of features as well as a pair of collabs with Future. In an ideal world, i.e. one without a consistently failed pandemic response here in the States, Uzi would currently be taking the Eternal Atake experience out on the road. Hopefully, that's still in the cards whenever live music is able to return en masse.