Dr. Dre's estranged wife, Nicole Young, is under investigation for alleged embezzlement. 

TMZ reported on Tuesday that Dr. Dre's business partner, Larry Chatman, filed a report with the Los Angeles Police Department claiming that Young withdrew nearly $400,000 from the business account without authorization. 

Per the LAPD, Dre's account is missing $385,029. Detectives are aware that Chatman believes Young stole this money and embezzled the cash. The department is now looking into these allegations. If Young is brought up on charges, then she could be facing time for embezzlement.

Although Dr. Dre didn't file the police report, these are accusations that the producer and Chatman have made against Young in the past. Dre claimed that Young made two withdrawals from the account without permission during their divorce case. Yet, Nicole says that she had a right to the money because her name is on the account. She also says that the investigation into the matter is merely a PR stunt and smear campaign as she attempts to move forward with the divorce. 

This comes after Dr. Dre won a legal battle against Nicole. Earlier this month, a judge rejected Young's claim to have Dr. Dre pay $1.5 million in monthly alimony after the music mogul proved that he was still supporting her lifestyle.