Benny the Butcher has linked up with Lil Wayne and Big Sean to deliver his new bar-packed, Hit-Boy-produced song "Timeless." 

There's no need to mince words here, this song is hard. Benny brings his usual Griselda grit right out the gate as he asks "what's a king to a god?" and ponders living forever before Wayne rolls into his verse seamlessly and spitting in prime form.

It makes sense now why Benny was keeping the news that Big Sean would be the final artist on the track under wraps because he burst on the track and bodied it. "Signed a slave deal, now a n***a up owning my masters/ Watch me turn G.O.O.D. into great/ There's first steps to everything, even taking leaps of faith," Sean raps in the final verse. These lines are interesting, especially considering it's been a topic that's been in the news.

Just a few weeks ago, Big Sean responded to one of Kanye West's tweets about "giving all Good music artist back the 50% share I have of their masters." It's too early to say if Sean's latest lines are directly referencing this, but it is curious to note.

There's a lot of history attached to this track, too. The day before it dropped, Hit-Boy took to Instagram to tell the story of how the beat for "Timeless" was meant to be on Watch the Throne

The beat ended up not getting picked by Hov and Kanye, but Hit-Boy said it was a "blessing in disguise"  because now, 9 years later, a track like "Timeless" was able to be made. Ahead of its release, Benny the Butcher also took to Twitter to remind people that he's never stopped working and that he has several full bodies of work that he's sitting on.

Benny has also announced a new project titled Burden Of Proof. All the tracks on the album will be produced  by Hit-Boy and will feature appearances from Rick Ross, Freddie Gibbs, Queen Najia, Dom Kennedy, and others. Burden Of Proof is scheduled to drop later this month on October 16.

In the meantime, listen to Benny the Butcher's new song "Timeless" featuring Lil Wayne and Big Sean down below or up top.